Increasingly complex regulatory requirements (e.g. MiFID II) and growing competitive pressure are placing an ever-heavier burden on securities business. At the same time, rising costs and shrinking interest margins are sucking the yields out of commission business. Securities business offers a number of ways to lever lasting improvements in earnings. We would be happy to talk to you in person about how we have successfully supported countless savings banks, cooperative banks and commercial banks. 

6 approaches to levering securities business

6 Hebel zur Stärkung des Wertpapiergeschäfts

With these six approaches to levering securities business in our portfolio, we have a number of methods to help our clients grow their volume and earnings:

Holistic approach
  • Application of all six levers in an end-to-end context
  • Dovetailing of the various levers to fully exhaust the effects
Targeted approach
  • Identification of action areas under the six levers
  • Focussed, targeted application of selected levers without end-to-end integration
Fitness check
  •  Comprehensive internal and external qualitative and quantitative analysis across all 6 levers with a focus on the key points
  • Identification of key action areas and levers as the basis for a bespoke plan of action

Examples of success

Repositioning of asset management and increase in mandate rate for a private bank from 2 billion to 5 billion euros within 24 months
50% increase in earnings with selected securities products for a savings bank using central marketing measures and activating existing customer base



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