Focus on our clients’ goals and the customer

Our job is to help our clients meet their goals. From growth and earnings strategies to cost and efficiency strategies, that's why we design everything from the perspective of the relevant target group – the customer. Whether an end customer, sales partner or employee, knowing what drives customers is key to understanding behaviour, judging responses to changes and creating and implementing a project perfectly designed around unique company targets.

Know more about the customer

In the mid-1990s, the founder of Investors Marketing, Dr Oliver Mihm, developed the first scientific model to explain the decision-making behaviour of customers in banking, thus laying important empirical foundations for a customer-centric approach to consulting. Since the establishment of Investors Marketing in 1999, we continue to invest in research into all financial motives, preferences and behavioural patterns across a wide range of customer groups in our own extensive market studies. The result is a unique IM customer typology for financial decision-makers for the financial services field in the German-speaking area. With over 500 market-oriented projects for domestic and international banks, savings banks, investment companies and insurers to our name, we have compiled an extensive knowledge base containing, for example, more than 10 million real-world customer reactions to price and product changes. We can thus forecast customer reactions with extreme precision and make sound judgements on the market potential of new offerings. 

Our experience makes the difference

Translating Investors Marketing's extensive customer knowledge into practice calls for a great deal of experience – and that is what we offer: Many of our consultants come to us from managerial positions having already worked in the finance industry, consulting for financial services providers or (electronic) commerce. This knowledge of customers and the strategies employed by competitors, combined with a strong background in implementing concepts successfully, is what makes IM's customer-centric approach to consulting so special. 

Structured, well-founded and measurable

We think quick wins are great and do everything in our power to find and tap them swiftly. But lasting success is based on much more. That's why at Investors Marketing our customer-centric approach to consulting is built on a highly structured way of working and sound knowledge of the subject matter. We arrive at the best possible outcome by collecting and rating multiple perspectives before working with the customer to yield a solution. This is something you can expect from us and we are happy to be judged by our results. 

We place particular emphasis on:

  • Identifying the market-based and internal challenges
  • Consistently taking the customer's perspective (motives, preferences, behavioural patterns)
  • Developing the right approach to problem-solving
  • Creating concepts that can be implemented on the market and internally, while ensuring the best possible customer experience
  • Providing extensive content-related guidance throughout implementation – in internal and external communications, sales support, training, processes, organisation and services