Strategy & business model


  • Development of company strategies
  • Forecasts of future scenarios and business development
  • Studies on trends in the financial services market

 Market & customer segmentation

  • Implementation of the IM customer typology
  • Analyses of market potential and customer base
  • Development of target group-specific marketing activities


  • (Re-)positioning of companies, brands and products
  • Development of new brand strategies
  • Positioning and communication analyses

 Multichannel/omnichannel/digitalisation strategies

  • Digitalisation of advisory and services
  • Restructuring of the customer journey
  • Development of cooperation models

 Customer Centricity

  • Customer Centricity Audit and gap analysis
  • Development of customer-centric value chain
  • Change management

New markets, restructuring & mergers

  • Market entries in the German-speaking area
  • Assistance with investment decisions and post-merger integrations
  • Realignment of organisational structures

Target-group & segment strategies

Retail banking

  • Implementation of the IM customer typology
  • Systematisation of centralised and decentralised marketing activities
  • Optimisation of customer acquisition and share of wallet

Private banking

  • Realignment of marketing activities and customer approach
  • Establishment of systematic recommendation marketing
  • Roll-out of new forms of advisory and service

Commercial & corporate customers

  • Restructuring of the product and service portfolio
  • Development of new service concepts
  • Positioning of B2B products

Product & pricing concepts


  • Roll-out of current accounts for retail and corporate customers
  • Redesign of credit card business
  • Introduction of payment solutions and electronic banking

Securities business

  • Restructuring of pricing and product portfolio
  • Enhancement of security sales
  • Ensuring compliance with the regulatory framework

Mortgage-lending & consumer credit

  • Development of new interest and commission models
  • Ensuring price enforcement in sales
  • Roll-out of new B2B and B2C sales

Real Estate

  • Roll-out of new real estate funds
  • Establishment of sales partnerships
  • Systematisation of third-party sales


  • Market-oriented product development and processes
  • Establishment of strategic pricing management
  • Identification of market potentials and market risks

Home savings plans & insurers

  • Systematic customer management in the home savings plan sector
  • Positioning of insurance products and increase in sales
  • Improvement of sales success in bancassurance and insurance banking


Branch strategy & concepts

  • Development of branch strategies
  • Digitalisation of advice and services
  • Development of new advice and service concepts


Sales activation & management

  • Sales audits and sales intensification programmes
  • Expansion of partner/third-party sales organisation
  • Establishment of sales management systems

Advisory concepts & processes

  • Digitalisation of advisory services
  • Roll-out of end-to-end, needs-based advisory services
  • Automation of advisory processes

Customer management & service

Customer activation

  • Reactivation of inactive customer relationships
  • Establishment of systematic campaign management
  • Ongoing development of marketing planning and controlling processes

Customer acquisition and retention

  • Establishment of systematic recommendation marketing
  • Assistance with online customer acquisition
  • Development of loyalty programmes

Customer service

  • Development of service strategies
  • Optimisation of customer touch point management
  • Restructuring of services in direct channels

Processes & organisation

Customer processes and touch points

  • Digitalisation of the purchase process
  • Optimisation of the customer experience
  • Review and management of outsourcing solutions

Front office processes

  • Improvement in front office sales efficiency
  • Optimisation of services at customer and sales partner service centres
  • Front/back office audits (including cost efficiency reports)

Company and market organisation

  • Customer-centric optimisation of the organisational structure
  • (Re-)organisation of service units
  • Establishment of new customer transfer structures and processes