Internationally renowned customers

As an employee at IM, you will exclusively support internationally renowned businesses from the financial services industry (banks, savings banks, insurers, investment companies, building societies and fintech companies) in the German-speaking area. We have successfully implemented more than 500 challenging projects since 1999 and focus entirely on the financial services provider market – a very clear position. For new employees, this allows them to focus on one industry and acquire incredibly detailed specialist knowledge. You won't go 'industry hopping' from project to project.

Working at a consulting manufactory

Individual consulting is a guiding philosophy for our employees. There are no standard concepts and no compartmentalisation. You will create bespoke, business-relevant concepts and implement them collaboratively with our clients. Our team prides itself on setting quality standards in the industry. Constructive consulting on an equal footing with clients is second nature to you. It is key to developing and successfully implementing practical concepts. Arrogance and condescension are not part of our culture, which is why your social skills are particularly important to us, too.

Challenging consulting topics

You will work in demanding areas, such as the development of multichannel strategies, digital transformation, pricing, customer-centric enhancement of the customer journey, and much more. The wide range of subjects we cover is matched by the depth of our processes, from strategy through to implementation and communication. All topics are tackled using strategic and conceptual planning. Your work will focus exclusively on the market – no cost-cutting, no IT consulting. We hold regular market meetings to keep you up to speed on acquisition topics, current offerings and all project developments.

100% customer-centric

At IM, customer-centric thinking is the starting point for everything we do. All projects are developed from the customer's perspective. Employees use extensive studies and analyses developed in-house as well as the unique IM customer typology for financial decision-makers. If you are keen to work in a market-oriented and customer-centric environment, you are in the right place at IM.

Analytical solution approach

Interested in working in an analytical, often maths-based field? For us, market-oriented business consulting is always founded in analytics. Virtually all projects involve analyses and forecasts of the market and end-customer behaviour trends. The results are used in business models and database analyses of anonymised data. Assumption-based computations are based on the findings and long-standing experience. Do you enjoy analytical work and creating mathematical models?



A positive workplace culture is particularly important to us. It's another reason why IM was founded by people in the industry – to be successful together in a welcoming and fair workplace culture. Our values? Simple: integrity, teamwork, commitment and the client first. Can you identify with these? We put leadership principles in place and do our best to implement them. Nobody is perfect, but we work steadfastly to live up to our standards. At IM, leadership is a participative process. From graduates to the Board of Management, we are all on first-name terms. Far from being an expectation, it is an expression of our culture.

Work-life balance

We want our employees to have an optimum work-life balance. We value our spare time, weekends, holidays and lunch breaks. It goes without saying that working at IM isn't a 9-to-5 job, but we don't want you to be so exhausted that you can no longer think straight. Capacities are planned on a 14-day schedule so everyone can see who is doing what and when. As our work is primarily strategic, you will be travelling on average two to three days a week, and will spend the rest of your time working from Frankfurt. Importantly, this means you can still have a social life outside of work and you benefit from flexible working hours. Business trips are mainly to German-speaking areas.


You will be based in Frankfurt am Main city centre. The public transport links to our offices are excellent and the Old Opera House in Frankfurt is just a stone's throw away. The IM offices are located in one of Frankfurt's most state-of-the-art office buildings on the campus-like 'Die Welle' complex. Work and relax? Go shopping in your lunch break? No problem! By the way, we don't have open-plan offices. Our offices are fully equipped and offer a great view of the skyline and surrounding landscape of Frankfurt.


Career progression

As a medium-sized consulting firm, we have an extensive range of HR tools at our disposal. You will be assigned a mentor to help plan your career and provide regular feedback to ensure you progress. You will take part in further training programmes. Our corporate university will support you while you work – knowledge is passed on by colleagues, for colleagues. We don't take an 'up-or-out' stance. We want you to develop your personal skills at your own speed. There is no promotion quota at IM – you will be promoted when you are ready. Target profiles clarify the requirements at each track level and offer guidance for you.


Are you looking for individuality? Appreciation of you as a person? We deliver individual consulting services and are individualists ourselves. Bringing different personalities together in one big team is a great way to ensure we get the best out of ourselves and keep customer orientation high. We don't want stereotypical consultants: We want individual personalities. Admittedly, this does sometimes make our work more difficult – but it's definitely never boring! We take this aspect into account when hiring and in your career progression.


A competitive salary is an important factor in rewarding the personal performance of employees. We offer an attractive basic salary along with a simple, transparent, performance-based bonus system that reflects personal development and is tailored exactly to our employees. We have also incorporated a bonus factor tied to company growth. This means that the whole team – you included – benefits if IM exceeds its company targets. The basic salary is transparent at every level and all employees at the company are familiar with the grading and pay levels.