Entry level 






  • Business-related degree programme with good initial results and a (planned) focus on marketing and/or banking or the insurance industry
  • 'Good' to 'very good' Abitur grade (university entrance qualification)
  • Diplom students should have successfully gained their Vordiplom (foundation certificate); bachelor students should be in their second year
  • Fluent in written and spoken German and English


Regardless of whether you are looking for an internship during the semester break or wish to join us for a three- or six-month placement, the first step is to send us your application documents in full. We will review your suitability and let you know if and how we can make it work.


Your internship starts with a brief orientation period during which you will be introduced to our tools and standards. In no time, you will be assisting on client or acquisition projects. As you progress, you may even be able to take responsibility for small sub-projects and will always have an experienced consultant on hand as your mentor. In addition, we often need support with studies on the latest trends in the finance industry. You benefit from regular feedback throughout your internship.

In addition, we are always on the look-out for student assistants to provide our team with long-term support as junior research analysts.


Julia Decker, intern
My four-month internship at Investors Marketing AG was a great opportunity for me to combine my interest in the market's challenges with my enthusiasm for the financial services industry and gain initial experience in management consulting. I was included in project work and entrusted with my own tasks from the very first day and felt like an integral part of the team from the start. It was exciting to see how the specialist side of things works and experience the intense project activities, and I found the working environment particularly enjoyable.

All I can say is that if copying and coffee-making is not for you, and you are looking for an opportunity to acquire specialist knowledge, develop on a personal level and contribute your own ideas and solution proposals, then an internship with Investors Marketing AG is ideal.


Sophia Röder, intern
My internship at Investors Marketing AG was a very positive and instructive experience, which I will remember with pleasure. I learned a lot during my 18 weeks with Investors Marketing, not only from a professional but also from a personal point of view. In particular I appreciated the amenities of working in a small and specialized management consultancy.

In my opinion, a distinct characteristic of Investors Marketing is the willingness to support, encourage and promote each other to grow personally and professionally. Providing individual training and feedback as well as an open and straightforward way of communication, Investors Marketing creates a working environment that fosters personal and professional development – across all hierarchy levels, since everybody knows everybody. I always felt that there was a focus on boosting my individual development. I constantly received feedback for my working results, in addition to my half-time and final feedback session. During the introduction of new projects there was always time to explain not only the bare necessities, but also the greater coherences, regardless whether it concerned a simple chart creation, a research task or a part of my ongoing projects.

If someone values a family-oriented corporate culture, is interested in the financial industry and also looking for interesting and challenging topics, Investors Marketing AG is the company to choose. Looking back, I would always decide for an internship at Investors Marketing again.


Sandra Virsik, intern
I spent three months on placement at Investors Marketing and gained a fantastic insight into the complex work of a finance market-oriented management consultancy. I was assigned challenging and varied tasks from the very beginning, which gave me a really good idea of the work that goes on there. I was always given the opportunity to contribute my opinion and develop my own ideas.

In-house training and a well-coordinated on-boarding programme cemented and extended my knowledge of marketing and financial services and how theory is translated into practice.

The personal guidance I received throughout my placement was also outstanding. I was assigned a specific personal mentor and could always approach other colleagues with my questions. I found the extensive feedback meeting after the first half of my placement particularly good. It gave me the opportunity to actively put my mentor's suggestions into practice during the second half and significantly improve the learning experience.

On the whole, my placement with Investors Marketing AG was an exciting and educational experience and one I can highly recommend!


Nico Zöller, intern
During my three-month internship with Investors Marketing I was given the ideal opportunity to learn more about day-to-day life in a business consultancy to the financial services industry. From the start I was given my own tasks in a range of projects covering the entire spectrum of market challenges. My colleagues always took the time to answer my questions and explain the background to tasks and project work. As a result, I was able to consolidate my knowledge and learn a great deal about the steps and processes involved in executing a consulting project. I was particularly pleased at how quickly I was integrated into the IM team and at the relaxed, yet focussed working environment.

I can therefore highly recommend an internship with Investors Marketing to anyone who is interested in financial market consulting and is seeking to enhance their expert and personal development.



  • Business-related university degree with a good to very good result
  • Emphasis on marketing and/or banking or the insurance industry
  • Practical experience gained during relevant placements
  • Initial experience desirable in, e.g., consulting or the financial services industry
  • Service-oriented and the capacity for teamwork
  • An aptitude for analytical reasoning
  • Able to familiarise yourself with complex topics
  • Enjoy taking on challenging tasks
  • Fluent in written and spoken German and English

Getting started

Following an in-depth introduction to our tools and standards, you will move directly to working on projects and assisting with acquisitions. Our consultants undergo intensive and ongoing training with special programmes designed to support personal development. Ensuring professional development in line with individual requirements is also a central commitment of ours. You will be assigned an experienced consultant as your mentor to answer questions and look after your professional and personal development.



Individuals with financial services industry experience under their belt can join us as a senior consultant (min. two years of experience) or as a project manager at manager or senior manager level (min. five years of experience).

The financial market's top decision-makers know us as a leading management consultancy for the development and implementation of market-oriented growth strategies. That is why we consider several years of professional experience gained at a bank, savings bank, insurer, investment company, building society or fintech company to be absolutely essential. Experience in executive support roles, product management, sales management or marketing is advantageous for project and conceptual work.

In addition to solid specialist know-how, we are looking for experienced individuals with a well-developed sense of empathy for the entire spectrum of clients, as well as integrity and strong social skills. It is required to be fluent in written and spoken German and English.

If you appreciate the independence to largely structure your own work, enjoy a creative and free exchange of views with colleagues, and are undeterred by sudden change and variety, you will get ahead fast in our dynamic environment.

As a management consultant with Investors Marketing, this is the ideal opportunity to advance your personal development with an expanding, excellently positioned company and to further build on your specialist know-how and personal skills in a highly professional environment.

Getting started

Irrespective of your starting position, you will be integrated into a dynamic team of experienced consultants and entrusted with client project- or acquisition-related duties from the very start.

At senior consultant level, you will take on responsibility for sub-projects and assist with acquisitions. At manager level, you will take on overall responsibility for projects or as the content lead for acquisitions. At principal level, you will increasingly take on managerial responsibility for acquisitions and be the lead in major projects.